Odour neutralization via dry vapour method

Suction vehicles

Earn more by odour neutral disposal of grease separator systems in hotel- and gastronomy business!
With SmellMasterTruck-System we offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for the odourless draining of grease separators and leftover collectors.

Using this outstanding technique disposers can do their work without nasty smells bothering guests! An advantage which will convince gastronomy- and hotel business. During the suction process resulting exhaust air is impinged with a dry steam mixture in order to neutralise or bind odour causing substances.


You are able to provide your service at any time of the day and gain by a better tour capacity.

  • Easy retrofitting of HP-jetting and suction vehicles
  • Installation in authorized workshops in your area
  • Low maintenance technology
  • Low consumption of absorber fluid
  • If not needed switch off possible


We gladly advice you in choice and assembly. For maintenance of the nozzle sets we offer a service contract. In case you are not convinced we give a "12 month money back" guarantee!


References: Fetzel Kanaltechnik (Schlins, Austria)

"Eagerly expecting our first operation using SmellMasterTruck we drove to a leftover container and emptied this. A sensational effect! Where it stank out of the air outlet pipe before now a pleasant smelling airflow exited."


SmellMasterTruck assembly instructions