Anti-odour plates

Sewer and waste water

The anti-odour plate GrüloSmellPad is particularly used in the sewer network, in waste water plants or waste disposal plants. This polymer plate is mounted, for example, in the manhole to treat the malodorous air streams, which circulate in the sewer or pump stations. The air treated this way does not cause any odour nuisance, neither when leaving the manhole cover nor when covering the pump inflow.

Product description

  • Polymer plate with a specific formula of odour-neutralizing ingedrients.
  • Harmless to humans and the environment.
  • Proved to neutralize H2S and other sulphur compounds, ammoniac and nitrogen compounds.
  • Release of active ingredients: 3 to 4 months at 24/7 gas-to-gas treatment.
  • Simple mounting in the manhole above the waste water.