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Mobile testing service

Hose testing

Hose lines are subject to special requirements, as they are partly extremely loaded by the predominant operational conditions, conveyed media, operating pressure, temperature and external causes.

To minimise the risks at the operating hose lines, a constant inspection of the work capability is indispensable. A recurrent inspection of the hose lines is even regulated by law.


Grüning & Loske inspects your hose lines pursuant to the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and pressure equipment directive "DGRL 97/23/EG").


After the inspection, each hose line gets an identification number, which is permanently attached to the line by a marking strip. We hand out a certification report after inspection. Furthermore we keep records of all inspections that we accomplished, so we are to recall your master and test data via this identification number.


Our mobile testing unit enables us to inspect your hose lines on-site, without any circumstances. Use this particular G+L service!


Our services are

  • Hose line testing in conformity with BetrSichV und DGRL
  • Visual testing
  • Testing of electrical conductivity
  • Pressure testing (strength test) up to 250 bar
  • Individual labeling
  • Documentation by itemisation, pursuant to EN 10204
  • Consulting on CE-identification marks
  • Variant inspections conforming to your works standard specification
  • Reparation on-site be our mobile testing and installation service
  • Supervision of your testing dates and punctual email reminder