Assembly of hoses


G+L tailors your rubber or synthetic hoses. Whether initial equipment in engineering or manufacturing (OEM), crafts, industry or trade - we create a system solution adapted to your technical demands.

Consultation and Assembly:

We carry out the manufacturing process in compliance with the strictest specifications that apply to the production of complete hose assemblies in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.


A safe operation of a hose line is only possible, if the right operation conditions are considered. This includes resistance against the conveyed media, working pressure, operating temperature, installation situation, bending frequency, duration and frequency of operation, environmental conditions and mechanical load.


Our skilled expert staff will give you all the advice and practical support you require for your individual operation purpose. Please note that operations as installation, reparation and inspection of hose lines are only to be accomplished by skilled personnel, meaning "Qualified person pursuant to the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health for pressure tanks and piping". As a matter of course our personnel possesses these qualifications and are additionally "certificated expert advisers for hose and fitting technology".

Our services at a glance:

  • Assembly of hose lines / swaging of hose lines up to DN 250 mm, with clamps, bolted clamps and all customary hose coupling systems: e.g. Storz, Perrot, Bauer, Anfor, flange, Kamlok, Geka
  • Swaging of composite hoses up to DN 250 mm
  • Assembly of hose packs
  • Assembly of heatable hose lines
  • Comprehensive consultation via phone or person-to-person
  • Management of hose lines
  • Hose testing in conformity with European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, BetrSichV (Occupational Safety Regulations) and T002 of the German employers' liability insurance association RCI.
  • Labelling or marking of hoses
  • Hose repair
  • Hose testing on-site
  • Hose maintenance
  • Hose recycling
  • Hose reeling service
  • Hose reeling engines