Soft and hard rubber coatings

Rubber coatings

Rubber as abrasion protection is an excellent surface protection for your machinery and equipment. Due to its characteristics, it is ideally suited for the coating of transport and storage containers, chutes, runners, pipes or funnels. Furthermore, rubber offers optimum protection against corrosion in industrial plants, wherever aggressive or abrasive media are in use.

Soft rubber coatings

As a specialist for soft rubber coatings we offer you customized solutions in the range of corrosion and wear protection. We have extensive expertise and numerous references in the area of industrial plants and municipal technology, so that we can grant you constantly good quality. The processing of your parts takes place in our own autoclave.


We mainly work with natural rubber (NR) in the dimensions of 2, 5, 7 and 10 mm. According to your requirements we offer you the possibility to choose between high wear resistant rubber 40° Shore A (blue) or high abrasive reistant rubber 60° Shore A (black).

Advantages of rubber coatings

  • wear protection
  • longer service life
  • noise protection
  • less caking

Application fields

  • roller coatings
  • drum vulcanization for idlers and pulleys
  • spreader for sand and gravel
  • inner and outer coating of tubes
  • coating of pump housings
  • coating of tanks, condensate reservoirs
  • sweeper wear parts
  • gravel excavator pumps
  • crushing plants
  • collision protection sheets
  • sandblast cabins

Hard rubber coatings

Corrosion protection according to EN 14879-1

The material properties of synthetic rubber (high resistance to ageing,  weathering and chemicals) offer optimal corrosion protection against aggressive media in the range of industrial plants. Commonly used for hard rubber coatings are butyl rubber or hypalon®. Other materials are IR, BR, SBR, IIR, CR and NBR.

Application fields

  • flue gas desulfurization plant
  • chemical containers
  • pipe lining
  • electroplated sinks

Our equipment

Autoklave, Engelke, 400x200 cm