Conveyor technology, freehand-production

Vulkanization workshop

When it comes to conveyor and wear technology we offer you a broad range of services: from consultancy to assembly of conveyor belts for conveyor and material handling systems, hot and cold vulcanization, freehand-production of material discharge hoses etc. Our extensive expertise allows you to find the perfect solution for your application field. Contact us, we are happy to provide consulting!

Our range of services:

  • Assembly of rubber or PVC/PU conveyor and processing belts
  • Splicing and repairing of conveyor belts by hot vulcanization, cold adhesion or by mechanical processes
  • Manufacturing of corrugated edge belts (slats and corrugated edges)
  • Wear protection coatings (hot and cold vulcanization)
  • Rubber drum and roller coatings
  • Manufacturing of para rubber hoses, concrete discharge hoses, cuffs, compensators, inflatable seals and collars for dosing systems
  • Production and vulcanization of elastomer profiles and moulded parts according to customer specifications

Our equipment

Presses for vulcanizing skived conveyor and transmission belts