The optimization of your procurement process

C-parts management

C-parts do not cost a lot themselves, but the sourcing effort is veryhigh. In times of high requirements, the handling of repeat orders and the coordination of these small parts are almost unmanageable. Reduce your costs of replacement by a successfull c-parts management together with the supplier, you can rely on.

Rationalizing concepts in c-parts

A successful c-parts-management has the aim, to optimize the internal procurement process by reducing the costs of procuement, the variety of products and the number of suppliers. By outsourcing your c-parts-management you gather your orders of your enterprise in one pool, which we manage and organize. This leads to a marked diminution of your process costs.


We, as a technical trader, already can access a pool of various suppliers, which enables us to delivering results faster than you, with the time-consuming choice of appropriate suppliers, price negotiations and ordering processes.


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