Silicone HT-300

Silicone HT-300

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High-temperature-resistant and strong silicone adhesive and sealant. Especially suited for heat-loaded, elastic adhesive bonding and sealing. Very good adhesion on steel, aluminium, glass, ceramic and many other materials. Applications: Industrial furnaces, Flue gas boxes, Heating facilities, Exhaust pipes and Heating cabinets and furnaces. The outstanding product properties (e.g. permanent elasticity) are maintained in the entire temperature range from -60°C to +300°C. Properties: High temperature resistance up to +300°C, Very good UV stability, Excellent resistance to weathering and aging, Good chemical resistance, Elongation to break approx. 500% and Colour: red.

Technical data

Temperature resistance:
-50 °C - +230 °C, short. (max. 2 hours.) up to +300 °C

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