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Quality, trust and mutual esteem are ground for a good and long-term cooperation. Constantly recognising future potentials together and optimising them to stay in first line on the market - that is what we strive for. On the following pages we would like to give you detailed views into the range of capability of Grüning & Loske GmbH.
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G+L hose technology
As the standards in modern sewer cleaning are increasing - our company as your partner in the sewer cleaning technology - adjusts its hose assortment to your requirements.
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Surface coating
GrüloCoat Systeme is the newly developed and therefore unique technology in surface coating. Use our lead in knowledge and experience to protect your surfaces long-term against numerous negative influences as mechanical abrasion…
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Rental park services for hose linings
We take care of your rental park! We assemble your hose lines up to DN 305 mm / 12” including the required couplings for suction and discharge hoses employed at submersible pumps or diesel pumps.
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Rental park services for chemie and oil hose linings
Rental park services: extra for chemie and oil hose linings.
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Suction and air conveying technology
A professional selection of products for your daily work.
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Odour neutralization
The Grüning & Loske GmbH takes care of odour nuisance. Wherever disturbing odours occur there are ways to eliminate these. After a site inspection we provide an operational planning for the product application accompanying this permanently and train you in handling the concerning products.
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G+L Rioolreinigingstechniek NL
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G+L Technika Kanalizacyja PL
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G+L Technologie de tuyau FR
Des décennies d‘expérience et une coopération étroite avec les constructeurs et les utilisateurs des véhicules dans le domaine du nettoyage des conduits et des tuyaux sont régulièrement bricoler avec le développement des produits innovants surtout dans le domaine de tuyaux et technologie des robinets. Cela a abouti à un produit complet et un portefeuille de services qui n‘a qu‘un seul but: pour faciliter leur travail quotidien.
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NEUTRALISATION DES ODEURS grâce au processus de vapeur sèche
SmellMasterTruck - NEUTRALISATION DES ODEURS grâce au processus de vapeur sèche. L‘air d‘échappement, produit pendant le processus d‘extraction, est traité avec un mélange de vapeur à sec de sorte que les ingrédients causant des odeurs sont totalement neutralisés ou liés. Cequi vous permets à chaque moment de conduire chez les clients et de planifier économiquement vos itinéraires.
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