Products and services for sewer cleaning

Sewer cleaning

G+ L has gained experience in the field of sewer cleaning for decades and incorporates them together with leading vehicle manufacturers and users in the development of innovative products. Out of this a broad range of synthetic and rubber hoses, pipe cleaning hoses, cassette hoses and suction and discharge hoses resulted. All designed to make your daily work as easy as possible and to meet your requirements.

Our service for you

Of course we provide you with any equipment - whatever you´ll need: Pipe plugs, packers, flushing nozzles and sewer chain cutters, personal protective equipment from head to toe, safety articles and more.


Furthermore we offer solutions in odour neutralisation. Whether in the sewer, in waste water treatment plants or directly on the vehicle: our program includes several procedures.


Our service also offers winding your new sewer cleaning hose and disposal of your used one.