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Our company in change



Foundation of Fr. Rahlfs GmbH. As a technical wholesale company with its own seal press shop and the tailored manufacturing of rubber and plastic semi-finished products, they supply industry and trade workshops (construction and sanitary sector).


Foundation of a sole-trader company under the name of Erich Grüning. Mainly selling rubber products and acting as the main representative for Tretorn Erich Grüning supplies the technical trade, mining companies and large manufacturing companies.


Klaus Loske becomes shareholder with Erich Grüning. The range of products is extended considerably. Grüning & Loske integrates the Trelleborg products and also obtains the exclusive right to distribute for well-known manufacturers of rubbers and valves.The customer spectrum is extended, products and services open up new fields of activity. The company is now called "Grüning & Loske Mining Service und Armaturen GmbH".


Klaus Loske takes over Fr. Rahlfs GmbH.


In a new building in Laatzen-Rethen Klaus Loske joins both Grüning & Loske and Fr. Rahlfs along with workshops and warehouse under one roof.


In March Dirk Loske becomes shareholder in Grüning & Loske GmbH and accounts considerably for developing the core competences in particular the application oriented technology services.


Both companies merged to Grüning, Loske & Rahlfs Systemtechnik und Handels GmbH. An important step forwards successful system suppplier: Combination of products and services as individual complete solution.


Building of a further storage at the principal office in Rethen.


Setting up a modern high rack storage.


Renaming in “Grüning & Loske GmbH”.


  • Purchase of an autoclave and commissioning a technical work-shop "Corrosion and Abrasion Protection".
  • Implementation of PIM-Software which allows automated catalogue production and will be used as B-2-B platform.
  • Extension of C-Parts-management.


  • Acquisition of a 6000 m² area next to the head office in Rethen.
  • Extension of the technical work shops by an in-house sandblast and coating/painting area.
  • Upgrading the field sales force.


Extensive expansion of hose and fittings technology:

  • Hydraulic hose crimping for industrial hoses up to ND 300 mm
  • Pressure testing system up to 400 bar
  • Implementation of a hose and fittings specialist workshop for high pressure hoses as well as suction and delivery hoses


Implementation of a product development department:

  • Hose and fittings technology
  • Plastics and rubber technology
  • Steel construction, cast components in stainless steel / Brass / Aluminium
  • Partnership with Eaton/SEL (Turkey)


  • Warehouse expansion by 800 m² field warehouse
  • Further expansion of our sales and marketing team


Expansion of workshop - steel construction, metal processing and hose production


† Heide Loske

  • Building of warehouse 3 including high bay storage and a storage area of 1,200 m² in Laatzen
  • Establishing the new branche GrüloCoat Systeme: 2K Spraying technique, tube lining, roof coating
  • Expansion of the section rubber coating
  • On-site pressure tests up to 480 bar, in house up to 2800 bar


† Klaus Loske

  • Expansion of sandblasting unit


Planning and start of construction work of warehouse 4/5 with another 1.750 m² storage and workshop area


  • Completion of the new building and removal
  • Expansion of the section odour neutralisation
  • Further development in export


Conversion work in warehouse 1 as workshop for coating (Polyurea, rubber coating, sandblasting)