• Stop the smell!

    SmellMasterTruck puts an end to the smell! The perfect solution for neutralization of unpleasant sewer or fat separator odours directly on the vehicle! And by the way: Each high pressure jetting or suction vehicle can be retrofitted. We will be pleased to advice you on the selection and mounting.

  • GrüloCOAT Systeme

    Our special coating solutions GrüloCoat Systeme as corrosion and wear protection reduce the depriciation of your machines or plants and maintain your productivity. GrüloCoat Systeme offers an optimal solution for your field of application, even for complicate geometries. Please contact us.

Our product range

  • Hose technology

    Industrial hoses for all applications, whether rubber or thermoplastic hoses, hoses per reel or assembled to your needs

  • Rubber and synthetic material technology

    rubber or plastic conveyor belts and accessories, cuts, profiles, rubber coating

  • Fitting technology

    Storz, Kardan, flange, tank truck, GEKA, Anfor, Bauer, LÜDECKE, fittings etc.

  • Fastener technology

    Worm drive hose clamps, hinge bolt clamps, RSGU clamps, wire clamps, malleable cast iron clamps

  • Personal protection equipment (PSA)

    Security from head to toe: helmets, eye protection, gloves, shoes etc.

  • Chemical products

    Sealants, adhesives, lubricants, technical sprays, technical liquids

  • Sealing technology

    Sealing sheets, high temperature resistant cords, ropes, tapes, stamp room and cutting plotter serivce

  • Industrial supplies - MRO

    Industry and lab supply, cleaning agents, all C-parts management för MRO supply

  • Sewage-pipe accessories

    Sighted nozzles, cleaning nozzles,cutters, stop-off bags, return pulleys, manhole cover lifting hook, safety equipment

  • Odour neutralisation

    Gelactiv® technology for all application fields, were unpleasant odours occur